Welcome to DragonGames.net. This place is an electic mix of dragon stuff and home to the Dragon known as High Wing. Also, coming soon a webcomic and lots of other useless stuff to pass the time.


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small changes

Finally got around to adding some info to the dragon page. Still got a lot more that needs some "editing" but it'll go up when I'm done. I also doubled the number of quotes that appear on the site. More to come later as always.


Happy New Year 2010

Here's looking for a new year with lots of changes and updates :-D

Hope the new year brings happiness to you!


Happy Holdays

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Holidays for what ever you believe in this time of year. Please read my Holiday Blog post and remember The least we can do is try not to add to anyone's problems, or at best, help out someone who is having trouble.

So this holiday season please try and be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. And just maybe, even in the smallest way, you will make it just a little bit better for someone else out there.


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Spring Time!

Spring is in the air, and where I live that means the weather is now bouncing from really annoyingly hot and humid, to windy and rainy. Unfortunately it only gets worse once summer hits. Of course that makes me all the more happy that my job is working with computer servers which need to be kept at a nice cool temperature all the time. That is until I come in one day and discover the A/C has failed and the servers are on the verge of overheating. But that's another story.

Ring now it's time to get back into some Spring Cleaning and figuring out where I'm gonna be living when summer ends!

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